Business Strategy

D4G works with our clients to maximise their long-term project opportunities.

D4G design and deliver innovative systems based solutions which include;

  • Situational Review
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Analysis and clarification of project goals
  • Business Case for strong external relations effort
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Risk Assessment
  • Managing external risk


 Regions & Communities

D4G takes a place based approach to building capacity in relationships, management, collaboration and innovation. This recognises the importance of working with peak bodies like Regional Development Australia.

D4G supports the achievement of shared benefit for communities, business, government and regions. We offer a suite of programs and services to do this including;

  • Community Engagement Strategies
  • Local Employment Strategies
  • Indigenous Engagement Strategies
  • Business case development with a Social License strategy
  • Shared Benefit and Agreement Making Strategies Review
  • Economic Impact Plans
  • Stakeholder Identification; Mapping and Management


Supply Chain

D4G works to ensure you have a capacity to manage your supply chain and deliver on your commitment with local procurement and indigenous engagement.

D4G assist in the identification and management of local suppliers in remote and regional environments.

Our services include;

  • Business Review
  • Development and administration of tender process
  • Supplier Identification
  • Supplier Mapping
  • Key Relationship Management

This knowledge  leads to an understanding of the innovation systems and local infrastructure that are essential to growing productive and innovative regional economies.