D4G are established practitioners with experience in ; 

D4G support clients across multiple sectors including; 

Resources Sector
D4G team members have vast experience within the resource sector within Australia and Internationally, supporting clients to identify and establish strong relationships with key stakeholders. D4G do this by supporting clients to better understand and mange their external risk and opportunity. D4G assist in the development of Stakeholder and Community Engagement Plans, which articulate how the company will engage with stakeholders, regulators and the community to ensure mutual benefit and establish parameters of the Social License to Operate.
Indigenous Communities
D4G team members have an established reputation across many Indigenous communities in metropolitan, regional and remote Australia. Our teams have supported communities, land councils, business and not for profit entities to define and establish strong governance frameworks, business and strategic plans. This structure supports them to capitilise on relationships and ensure mutual benefit for all projects.
D4G have provided strategic advise and support to build cross sectorial and management capacity, including consideration of how Government engages and works with industry in a regulatory and project framework.
D4G have supported businesses to better understand and manage external risks and opportunities to deliver corporate objectives.
D4G has worked with community organisations addressing governance, strategy development, management reviews, facilitation of workshops, internal and external engagement strategies and learning around capacity and diversity,.


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Highlighted below are a selection of clients from our portfolio and a brief introduction to the project scope.

SERVICES : Strategy & Engagement
SECTOR : Resources

Support co-ordination and development Community Engagement Plan (CEP); Executive mentoring; Situational review and Local benefit strategy

SERVICES : Strategy
SECTOR : Indigenous Communities

Development business case identification funding sources and facilitation meeting with stakeholders, mentoring and skill transference for board members

SERVICES : Strategy &
Performance Improvement
SECTOR : Resources

Research project deigned to provide insight into stakeholder engagement framework and archetypes which build strong relationships with the community and reduce project risk.

SERVICES : Strategy
SECTOR : Resources

Review and consideration social performance strategy, project liaison and engagement strategic direction

SERVICES : Strategy
SECTOR : Resources

Social and community engagement strategy; review social and media strategy

SERVICES : Strategy
SECTOR : Corporate

Thought leader for multi-stakeholder engagement, focused on strategy development for social license.

SERVICES : Engagement
SECTOR : Corporate

Professional services community engagement activity

SERVICES : Strategy
SECTOR : Community

Facilitation of meeting for development of Aboriginal Housing Policy

SERVICES : Strategy & Performance SECTOR : Indigenous Communities

Development of policies, procedures and governance structures of ‘for profit’ businesses and set-up structure fro disbursement of benefits to members. 

SERVICES : Strategy
SECTOR : Government

Facilitation of EPA Industry Summit 

Building Relationships which ensure mutual benefit